Wade Bowen


Wade Bowen

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Capo on 2nd fret
G                                C 
I wouldn?t say I didn?t see her comin 
G                                                D 
A light that bright hard to miss in a place that dark 
G                                               C         
She said yes to a drink, while her fingers fumbled 
G                                                        D 
With a cross on a chain that was swinging above her heart 
C                                                    G 
When the morning sun set the midnight sky on fire 
C                                                  D 
She left me like a thief not knowing what she took 

Em C G I wish trouble always looked that good Em D G I wish trouble always looked that good
I was still a little nervous when I got the courage to call That bright red number she?d written on the back of my hand A bottle of wine rode shotgun with a rose While I was drivin cross town, thinking bout turning back Now there?s a porch light burnin a hole right through my windshield There?s a silhouette standing at the screen door waitin for me.
Em C G I wish trouble always looked that good Em D G I wish trouble always looked that good
C G Now there?s a million reason?s not for me to go all in C D Oh, but when she smiles I can?t even think of one Repeat Chorus

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