Wade Bowen

You Had Me At My Best

Wade Bowen

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You Had Me At My Best

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Guitar Lick: |-------3---|--------10-----|--------------------------| |-3/5\3--/5-|-8/10\8----/12-|-12-12-10-10-8-8-5--3-5---| |-2/4\2--/4-|-7/9 \7----/12-|-12-12-11-11-9-9--------4-| |-----------|---------------|--------------------------| |-----------|---------------|--------------------------| |-----------|---------------|--------------------------| |-------3---|--------10-----|------------------------------------| |-3/5\3--/5-|-8/10\8----/12-|-12-12-10-10-8-8-5--3-5-------------| |-2/4\2--/4-|-7/9 \7----/12-|-12-12-11-11-9-9--------2b4r2-0-2---| |-----------|---------------|----------------------------------2-| |-----------|---------------|------------------------------------| |-----------|---------------|------------------------------------|
Intro Chords: Em G C G X2 Em G C G In the corner of my living room lies the ring she threw behind Em G C G I canā??t bring myself to pick it up, you know she still might change her mind Em G C G Every morning around 6am the sun hits it just right Em G C G Iā??ll spend another day in hell just waiting on the night Em G C G Em G C G I see the way people look at me, I guess itā??s all over my face Em G C G The scar above my left eye is something I just canā??t erase Em G C G I try to look in someone elseā??s mirror, try to find a different view Em G C G Oh itā??s really sad to say, but itā??s all I got left of you Chorus: C G Well Iā??m the lone survivor of the wreckage that is left C G I brought the walls down baby, I made all this mess C Asus2 Lying in the ashes, I must confess n/c Em G C G Oh you had me at my best Em G C G The pain sometimes disappears, but your memories are never gone Em G C G I lock myself in our bedroom cause itā??s best if Iā??m alone Em G C G Iā??ve been falling asleep in my old chair with the TV on Em G C G Cause our bed wonā??t let me sleep, cause love is all itā??s known Chorus Solo: Em G C G X2 Chorus Em G C G Em G C Ya, You Had Me At My Best G Em G C G You Had Me At My Best Em G C G Em

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chords Wade Bowen - You Had Me At My Best
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