Sunrise Avenue


Sunrise Avenue

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Capo on 1st fret


F               C       A 
I'm fighting to hard to win 

F           C        A 
Back on the ground again 

F           C      A 
I feel like giving in 

F             C      A 
But you're my second wind 

          F    C 
Don't you ever tire 

       A      F 
Facing all my fires 

        C                           G 
I don't need no one but you right now 

So, I say 

C A F C Oh, my friend, you're holding out your hand F C G I take it like an oar from the depth C A F C Hey, Lifesaver, I'm drowning in despair A C F But you're fighting for me right until the end. F C You pull me back to land and save me once again
... F C A You help me wash away F C A The insane mistakes I made F C A And I see it in your face F C A My only source of grace F C No, I don't take for granted A F All the time you've wasted C G Making sacrifices for a fool So, I say Refrain F C You lift me higher, F C You hold the fire, F C F You make me strong enough to stay F C You lift me higher, F C You hold the fire, C F Made up stand tall F C But without you I'd fall
F C You lift me higher, F C You hold the fire, C F G C You make me strong enough to stay!

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