For Marlon


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For Marlon

Capo on 5th fret

I broke my toes 'cause when I'm sad 
I get as clumsy as a stupid clown 
But you're way too young to understand 
        Fm                       C 
And I'm way too desperate to be seen 

So I fall for you like a fool for gold  
'Cause you look so pure and I love your voice 
I can hear the cracks of your youthful heart 
        Fm                         C 
And it makes me wanna be a part of that 

              F          G         C 
'Till I said what's there on your arm? 
           F       G              C 
You said don't look, please don't ask 
   F             G           Am 
I know you won't like to know that 
         F                  G             C 
I'm a recovering addict and sometimes I relapse 

G C But if I get sober E F Would you swear to love me? G C If I get sober E F Fm Could you care for me?
Bridge: C E F Fm Ooooohhhh Ahhhhh Ooooohhhhh verse: C And as I was ready and didn't care to doubt E The will has been and left a drought F I thought I knew back then to never ever trust Fm C Someone for who drugs come first C And I think there's no love but just proof of love E And you just proved me that you never cared F And it's been raining now for three days straight Fm C As a sad reflect on my sorry state Refrain: F G C And I remember you said with me you felt F G C The best that you ever ever felt F G Am And I think that no drugs can replace F G C The warmth and tenderness that we embraced
G G But if you get sober E F I will be here for you G C If you get sober E F I'll be yours for good
Outro: Fm C

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