San Cisco


San Cisco

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	  		Intro: A * 

Well I was never that good at school 

D                  E                      A 
English was not my forte but I fought for you 

D                      E           A 
Distraction was just a reaction to you 

               D                   E                  A 
'Cause there's nothing, no there's nothing I wouldn't do, for you 

               D                E                  A 
'Cause there's nothing, there's nothing I wouldn't do. 

         A * 
You were my Geography girl 

D                     E                           A 
Climate change didn't matter cause you changed my world 

    A * 
Was never in the football team 

D                 E                  A 
You were the only thing to occupy my dreams 

D                        E               A 
My high school heart was bursting at the seams 

               D                   E                  A 
'Cause there's nothing, no there's nothing I wouldn't do, for you 

               D                E                   
'Cause there's nothing, there's nothing I wouldn't-- 

Bm              C#m 
I never liked a band and

Bm                          C#m        A 
I didn't need my heart so I lent it to you 

    D             A              D 
Was alright, it's alright, we're alright 

Bm                 C#m 
You hug me, hold me so tight 

         Bm         C#m            A 
It's the only time I felt I got it right 

     D              A            D                A * 
Well alright, we're alright, was alright, we're alright 

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