San Cisco


San Cisco

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Hello hello 
I've been waiting, watching you all night 
I don't know why 
In the morning 
I'll be waking wishing I was right 
Maybe sometimes 
A                                              D 
In the evening I take you out for dinner and a fight 
Cant read your mind I cant read your mind 
A                                                   D 
We watched the sun go down and then the moon comes out 
Ain't pictures with your hand 
I chase you I'm your biggest fan 

Who's gonna catch you now who's gonna catch you now 
E                            D 
Running so far away so far away (2x) 

Repeat same chords rest of the song 

My mind is black and blue 
It keeps pictures of you 
Now I know why 

You moved away from here 
Towards another hemisphere 
And all I want to be is in your company 
I made a mixed tape 
With all the songs that you hate 
Cant read your mind I give up this time 

Who's gonna catch you now who's gonna catch you now 
Running so far away so far away (2x) 

Oooooh oooh ohhh oooh oooh 
Oooooh oooh oohh oooh oooh 

I heard your voice today 
But we last spoke in may 
I still miss you 
Now you're a ghost a sea 
Drifting peacefully 
You'll never come back to me 
I read your eulogy 

Who's gonna catch you now who's gonna catch you now 
Running so far away so far away (5x) 

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