Sam Hunt


Sam Hunt

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Sam Hunt 

Em        G                  D      C 
I softly kiss your neck and slowly whisper 
Em        G                    D             C 
you breathe in cause it feels cold where my lips were 
Em                  G                    D                     C 
T shirt for a pillow music up real low creeping through the window 
               Em                           G                  D                         C 
I can feel the bass line and the bed lining your heart on mine trying to jump up out of  
your chest 

          C         Em 
Baby and im on fire girl youre on fire 
D                   G 
Out in the dark wrapped up in the stars 
 C        Em 
So right girl im so high 
   D          G 
You and me wild and free 
Way out in the woods 
Nobody for miles 
D                                                                                 C Em D 
Love in the back of the truck with the tailgate down just us and the speakers on 
                                                                                 Em G D C 
Love in the back of the truck with the tailgate down just us and the speakers on 

Em         G                 D        C 
Moonlights tracing those treetops across your face 
Em              G                  D           C 
Theres a feeling in your eyes the shadows cant erase 
Em                        G                  D                    C 
Cool wind that found us is breezing around us following my fingers through your hair 
 Em                      G                             D                           C 
The engine is idling and girl this heat lightning is flashing pictures of you and  
burning em in my head 

And im 



Em                G                             D                         C 
Im tuned in to ya somethings on ya mind aint it go on and tell me darling don?t act like  
you cant say it 
 Em                           G                           D                    C 
I know your body language and you aint gotta translate it so let it talk to me until I  
cant take it 
     Em                  G                     D                     C 
Your lips your hair your smile your touch your kiss your stare your vibes too much 
 Em                G              D               C 
It lights me up you got me set im way too gone so baby 
          Em       G                 D          C 
let your eyes close say my name and watch me go up in flames 


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