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	  		 D                     G                           D   
 Living here without you  is not an easy way of life. 
                            G                                D  
 I spend my time without you, I try to make it all worthwhile. 
                       G                         D  
 Standing in a rainfall coming down from the sky.  
                 C G         D 
 Why should I cry   over you?  
                 C      G          D 
 Why should I cry cry cry over you?  
 I keep on thinking about you. I've got no private pride to hide.  
 I've built my world around you like a call without reply.  
 My love has lost direction, she's got the sun in her eyes.  
 Why should I cry...  
 Bb                C                        D  
   Hearing your footsteps, loud on my stairs (a-walking...)  
 - living without you.  
                   C                            D               
 Feeling the sweet sweet smell of love in the air (I can feel it...)  
 - living without you.  
                 C                D 
 Kissing the face that I see everywhere 
          G                C     A7sus4  
 but I'm living without you, Im living without.  
   F        C            G 
 Cry, cry, cry,  over you... 

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