Robert Goulet

On A Clear Day

Robert Goulet

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On A Clear Day

	  		D7    G7                  C9 
On a clear day, rise and look around you, 
           G7          E7 
And you'll see who you are. 
     Am7                    D7sus4   D7 
On a clear day, how it will astound you 
 C#7       D7          G     Edim 
That the glow of your being 
   Am7   Fdim(III) Am7    D7 
Outshines ev'ry   star. 
        Dm7     G7         Dm7                     G7 
You feel part of    ev'ry mountain, sea and shore; 
        Cm7        Dm6      A7   
You can hear, from far and near, 
A world you've never heard before; 
  Edim        G9 
And on that clear day, 
Bm7/5-     E7       Bm7/5-    
On that clear day, 
 E7     Am7 G6   Am7     G6  Am7  D7   G    Em   Am7   D7 
You can see for  ev - er and ev - er more. 
(Last time) 
 E9  Am7 G6     Am7     G6  Am7       
You can see for-ev - er and ever 
G6   Am7  G6 Am7  D7   G     
And ever and ev - er more. 


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