Randy Newman

Falling in Love

Randy Newman

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Falling in Love

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Intro: e|---------------3---3---2---3----------------3---5---2---3| B|----------3------------------------------3---------------| G|---0---4------------------------0---4--------------------| x3 D|---------------------------------------------------------|
G C Your eyelids are gettin' heavy G C Hard to lift G C Your mind begins to wander G C Things start to drift Your arms are getting heavy Hard to lift You sink down a little deeper You're feeling wonderful
G D C Maybe you're falling in love G D C Maybe you're falling in love G D C C D G Maybe you're falling falling falling falling in love
Intro You stare across the harbor At the lights along the bay Your arms have got so heavy now They're just getting in your way Em D Look, Now you're walkin' in the holy land Em D Yeah, that's you there, walkin' with the king Em C You ask "What have I done to deserve this?" D Why, you haven't done a thing Chorus by: Josť Duarte [email protected]

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