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Arnold Layne

Year: 1971 - Album: Echoes: The Best Of Pink Floyd

           Bb              Fm6  G      F#  
Arnold Layne    had a strange   hobby  
F7                    Bb          Ab      Eb     F  
   collecting clothes moon shine washing line  
       Eb  Db        Bb  
they suit him fine  
                        Fm6   G        F#  
on the wall   hung a tall    mirror  
F7                  Bb           Ab   Eb       F  
   distorted view   see through  baby blue  
he dug it  
Ab  Eb     Bb    Db   Ab      Eb  
Oh  Arnold Layne it's not the same  
Db    Ab     Eb     F             Ab       Ab7  
takes two to know   two to know   two to know  
                  Eb  Ab  F  Bb  
why can't you see  
(Bb)                           Bb  
      Arnold Layne   Arnold Layne        Arnold Layne Arnold Layne  
Bb                           Fm6     G       F#  
  now he's caught a nasty sort    of person  
F7                      Bb            Ab      Eb      F  
   they gave him time   doors clang   chain   gang  
   Eb    Db       Bb     Ab         F       Bb  
he hates it       Arnold Layne dont do it again  


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