Ave María


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Ave María

	  		Intro: C Dm7 G7 C 

  Dm7  G C 
Ave  María 

  Am     D7 
gratia plena 

 G7      C 
dominus tecum 

Am   D7    G 
benedicta tu 

   Gdim7    Dm 
in muuuuulierubus 

Fdim7   C 
et benedictus 

 F       Dm  Dm7 
fructus ventris 

G7     C 
tui jesus 

C7       Fmaj7 
sancta María 

F#dim7   Cm 
sancta María 

  G#dim7   Fdim7 

G7       C 
ora pro nobis 

G         G7 
nobis pecatoribus 

nunc et in 

 C       G 
hora in hora 

mortis nostrae 

C7    F  G7    C 
Aaaaamén aaaaamen  

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