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Born Free Chords

Matt Monro

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by aman%5Fclaudino

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Born Free


  C   F 
Born free as free 
          C    F 
As the wind blows 
As free as the grass grows 
       Dm7       G7      C  Dm7 G7  
Born free to follow your heart. 
C      F                   C     F 
Live free and beauty surrounds you 
The world still astounds you 
      Dm7                   G G7 
Each time you look at the stars. 
Dm               G7           Am 
Stay free where no walls divide you 
You're free as the roaring tide  
   Fm                  G Dm7 G7   
So there's no need to hide 
C      F                      C  F 
Born free and life is worth living 
but only worth living 
          Dm7      G7sus4 
'Cause you're born free.  

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