Map Of The Problematique


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Map Of The Problematique

Year: 2006 - Album: Haarp CD/DVD Set

	  		  Cm:  D#: G#: Fm: 

E| x   x   x   x 
B| x   x   x   x 
G| 5   8   x   x 
D| 5   8   6   3 
A| 3   6   6   3 
E| x   x   4   1 

Intro: Cm (x4) 
       and then, Cm, D#, G#, Fm (x4) 

Cm D#,   G#,           Fm 
Fear and panic in the air 
             Cm    D# 
I want to be free 
         G#              Fm 
From desolation and despair 
      Cm D#      G#           Fm 
And I feel like everything I sow 
              Cm    D# 
Is being swept away 
        G#                Fm 
Well I refuse to let you go 


               Cm  D#  G#  Fm 
I can't get it riiiiiggghhttt 
       Cm  D#  G#  Fm 
Get it riiiiiggghhttt 
Since I met you 

Cm     D#         G#  Fm 
Loneliness be over 
               Cm    D#            G#  Fm 
When will this loneliness be over? 

These four chords are repeated throughout the next verse, bridge and 
Chorus in exactly same way, it's really simple. Here are the 
rest of the lyrics to the song: 

Verse 2: 

Will flass before my eyes 
So scattered and lost 
I Want To Touch The Other Side 
And No one thinks they are to blame 
Why can't we see 
When we bleed we bleed the same 


I can't get it right 
Get it right 
Since I met you 


Loneliness be over 
When will this loneliness be over? 

Loneliness be over 
When will this loneliness be over?

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