Falling Away With You


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Falling Away With You

Year: 2003 - Album: Absolution

Written by Matthew Bellamy/Dominic Howard/Chris Wolstenholme

	  		C                  G                           F                                      
I can't remember when it was good,  
                   Am       Em    Am 
Moments of happiness elude    
              F         Fm        C  
Maybe I just misunderstood   

All of the love we left behind,  

Watching the flash backs intertwine   

Memories I will never find    

So I'll love whatever you become, 

Forget the reckless things we've done   

I think our lives have just begun   


A                    Dm    
And I feel my world crumbling,  
I feel my life crumbling,  
I feel my soul crumbling    
A                          Am             F      G         C   
Away and falling away, falling awaaaaay with you 

Staying awake to chase a dream,  
Tasting the air you're breathing in    
I know I won't forget a thing   
Promise to hold you close and pray, watching the fantasies decay   
Nothing will ever stay the same   
All of the love we threw away, all of the hopes we cherished fade   
Making the same mistakes again   



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