Matthew Perryman Jones

Only You

Matthew Perryman Jones

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Only You


Intro: B C#m E B 

B                C#m 
How can I forget you 
     E                  B 
When memories come and go 
B                     C#m 
You're all I've ever wanted 
       E              B 
You're all I've ever known 

Can I be happy 
E                B 
Living with your ghost? 


B                     C#m 
The pictures tell the story 
  E                  B 
I took them off the wall 
B                       C#m 
It's hard enough to get through 
  E                   B 
I still can feel the fall 

C#m         E               B 
Do you even think of me at all? 

B C#m Oh, I want you E B Only you B C#m I want you E B Only You
Verse: B C#m I can start it over E B And find somebody new B C#m A beautiful distraction E B Just a hand to hold on to Bridge: C#m But if you ask me E B Would that love be true?
B C#m No, I want you E B Only you B C#m I want you E B Only you
Verse: E I want to taste you again Abm Like a secret or a sin Breathin' out, breathin' in E F# F#sus4 There is no one else for me
B C#m I want you E B Only you (2x)

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