Matt Maher

Look Like A Fool

Matt Maher

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Look Like A Fool

Verse 1:
Bb        Fsus/Bb       Eb2/Bb 
All God's creatures got place in the choir 
Bb       Fsus/Bb           Eb2/Bb 
Some sing low and some sing higher 
Bb          Fsus/A          Gm7        Fsus 
  Some just hang out like a bird on a wire 
Em7(b5)        Ebmaj7 
Waiting to fly home. 

Verse 2:
Bb         Fsus             Eb2 
All God's children are the apple of His eye 
 Bb      Fsus           Eb2 
Even the ones we can't stand sometimes 
            Bb     Fsus/A         Gm7        Fsus 
But we're coming together just to go outside 
            Em7(b5)                     Ebmaj7 
And I need something to sing with this neighbor of mine 

Bb Gm7 Eb2 Fsus That's why grace is so amazing Bb Gm7 Eb2 Fsus That's why love is so absurd Bb Gm7 Eb2 D7 And that's why I sing for a God unchanging Eb2 Fsus Bb That's why I don't care if I look like a fool
Verse 3: Bb Fsus/Bb Eb2/Bb All God's people got a reason to live Bb Fsus/A Eb2/Bb Joy for the good days and true love to give Bb Fsus/A Gm7 Fsus So we raise up our hands and lay down our sin Em7(b5) Ebmaj7 And remember the day that our freedom began Chorus Bridge: Gm7 Em7 Feeding the hungry, clothing the naked Ebmaj7 Bb F/A Giving the homeless a place to rest Gm7 Em7(b5) Visiting the pris'ner, lifting up the lowly (No Chords) Cm7 By our fruits may You shine on us Bb/D May you shine on us Chorus

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