In Dreams


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In Dreams

Capo on 4th fret



Home is behind 
The world ahead 
And there are many paths to tread 
Through shadow 
To the edge of night 
Until the stars are all alight 

Mist and shadow 
Cloud and shade 
All shall fade 
All shall 

Intro: E 

E                       A 
When the cold of Winter comes 
                    B     E B 
Starless night will cover day 
       E              A 
In the veiling of the sun 
                       B    D 
We will walk in bitter rain 

But in dreams 

(But in dreams) 
      A B       E B 
I can hear your name 
       E   B 
But in dreams 
(But in dreams) 
             B  C# A 
We will meet a--gain 

E G E 
C G B C 
E G E 
C D 

         F#       Bbm       B 
When the seas and mountains fall 
                      F# C# 
And we come to end of days 
       F#     Bbm    B 
In the dark I hear a call 

Calling me there 
I will go there 
And back again 

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