Linda Perry

Too Deep Chords

Linda Perry

Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by %2ALorenna%2A

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Too Deep

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  		Am  Dm 
Sun, warm me while I sleep  
G                    Am 
Give me confident a head full of dreams 
Am   Dm 
Lift me to where you are  
G                      Am 
Let me lay upon your bright yellow star 
Am                 Am 
The sound that's pulsing in my ear 
G                      Am 
Is the pressure that I constantly hear 
C G I'm just a dreamer Dm Am I can't wake from sleep C G I am a flyer Dm Am But I'm getting too deep
Am Dm Lost in a world that's so arranged G Am Common people just a link in a chain Am Dm Stop so much anger touches me G Am If I'm happy it still won't set me free Chorus (x2)

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