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Lil Flip

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	  		(Bm D-Bm  G-Bm)  for all lyric 
{Lea} Uhhhhhhh 
{Lil' Flip} Yeeah 
{Lea} Ohh, ohh, ohh, oh baby 
{Lil' Flip} Lil' Flipper (Lil' Flipper) 
{Lea} Ooh baby 
{Lil' Flip} My girl Lea (my girl Lea) hit it 
{Refrão: Lea} 
I can call you my baby boy 
You can call me your baby girl 
Maybe we can spend some time (some time) 
I can be your sunshine! 
I can call you my baby boy 
You can call me your baby girl 
Maybe we can spend some time (some time) 
I can be your sunshine! 
{Verso 1: Lil' Flip} 
Look, I know you wanna chill wit a player 
But all you got to do is keep it real wit a player 
Just answer your phone whenever I call 
Cause I'm riding on chrome whenever I ball 
I like them short and tall but not too thick 
I just walk in the spot and take my pick 
And they wanna roll cause they like my style 
And when I pop my collar I make them smile 
I need a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets 
That know how to cook cause a nigga like to eat 
Spaghetti, shrimp and steak and I'll adore you 
I'll treat you like milk, I'll do nothing but spoil you 
{Refrão: Lea} 
{Verso 2: Lil' Flip} 
I know your friends wanna holla cause I got them dollars 
Push the Maybach Monday, tuesday Impala 
I switch whips like kicks I'm a balla (I'm a balla) 
And if I get your phone number I'm a call ya (I'm a call ya) 
And we can meet up the next day and chill 
But I'm always on the road baby girl, that's how I live 
I got bills to pay, I got moves to make 
But when my plane touch down, pick me up at 8:00, don't be late 
{Refrão: Lea} 
{Verso 3: Lea} 
We don't have to be in love (love) 
We can just be friends!  e- chords .com 
I will be right there, beginning to the end! 
I can bring my girls (girls), you can bring your friends (friends) 
We can both have fun, don't want this stuff to end! 
{Verso 4: Lil' Flip} 
They say love is pain and pain is love 
I know ya Momma mad cause you talk to a thug 
You think you know my type but you ain't got no clue 
About - what a real nigga like me do 
I like to stack my bread and flip my chips 
And I can change ya life if ya get wit Flip 
I take private jets to Vegas, man 
It's twenty bread each pick cause I'm major man 
We can cruise the world in a Bently Azure 
But don't worry, the chauffer open the door 
You couldn't ask for more cause we got it all (we got it all) 
Cause you my baby girl right?, right? 
{Refrão: Lea} 
{Outro: Lea} 
We don't have to be in love (love) 
We don't have to be in love (love)  
Tabber: chr [email protected] e- ch ords. co m 

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