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Dancin' Days Chords

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by mjfb

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Dancin' Days

                        Db                 C 
Dancing days are here again as the summer evenings grow  
                        Db                   C 
I got my flower, I got my power, I got a woman who knows.  
                          Bb                              A 
I said it's alright. You know it's alright - I guess it's all in my heart  
C                           Bb                          A 
You'll be my only, my one and only. Is that the way it should start?  
                        Db                 C 
Crazy ways are evident, In the way that you're wearing your clothes  
                        Db                   C 
Sippin'' booze is precedent as the evening starts to glow.  
                                 Db                      C 
I told your mamma I'd get you home but I didn't tell her I had no car  
                    Db                                         C 
I saw a lion he was standing alone with a tadpole in a jar.  
                        Db                 C 
Dancing days are here again as the summer evening grows  
                        Db                   C 
You are my flower, you are my power  
You are my woman who knows.  

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