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Don't Worry Chords

LeAnn Rimes

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Don't Worry

  		C   G  C 
                  C  C7             F    F7 
Don't worry 'bout me, it's all over now. 
                C                     G    G7 
Though I may be blue, I'll manage somehow. 
              C        C7               F      F7 
Love can't be explained, it can't be controlled. 
      C                G             C 
One day it's warm, the next day it's cold. 
           F                     C 
Don't pity me 'cause I'm feelin' blue, 
     G                               C   C7 
Don't be ashamed, it might happen to you. 
    F F7                 C 
Oh, oh love, kiss me one time, 
Then go love, I'll understand 
Don't worry 'bout me. 
C   F7   C  G  C   
                  C                   F  F7 
Sweet sweet sweet love, I want you to be, 
            C             G 
As happy as I when you love me. 
                    C       C7            F 
Well, I'll never forget you, your sweet memory. 
            C                 G           C 
It's all over now, well don't worry 'bout me. 
            F    F7                    C 
Then when I tell some heart, one heart good-bye, 
             G                        C 
One heart is free, and one heart will cry. 
  F                  C        
Oh, oh sweet sweet baby sweet baby sweet, 
       G                             C   F   C 
It's alright, well don't worry 'bout me. 

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