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All I Want Chords


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by alyslima

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All I Want

Verse 1 

C             F       C 
All I want is nothing more 
                     G     Am 
To hear you knocking at my door 
          F                          C 
Cause' if i could see your face once more 
        F                   C 
I could die a happy man i'm sure 

C                  F        C 
When you said your last goodbye 
                G     Am 
I died a little bit inside 
      F                       C 
And I lay in tears in bed all night 
   F                    C               G 
Alone without you by my side 

Am But if you loved me F Why'd' ya leave me C Take my body G Take my body Am All I want is F And all i need is C To find somebody G I'll find somebody C F C Like youuu, ohhhh, oh C G Am ohhhhh, ohhhhh, oh F C youuuuuu F C Like youuuuuu
Verse 2 Same as Verse 1 Chorus 2 Same as Chorus 1

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