Katy Rose


Katy Rose

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Intro: D  

Verso 1: 
  I broke my crown while  
kissing   the little flowers 
  I floated up the stairs  
    F#m              A 
and fell through the tower 

D You drew the sparkle Bm back into my eyes Am with your colored pencil D Tracing the years of Bm my hunger like a Am plastic stencil G I'm still enchanted Bm You're still G implanted in me Em D I'm still enchanted
Verso 2: D The clouds caressed F#m my sky and smoke dried my tears up D My veins are sweetly F#m singing while A blood drains from my cup
D I blink my eyes Bm and I am so Am so enchanted D There's so much beauty Bm Am that we take for granted G I'm still enchanted Bm You're still G implanted in me Em D I'm still enchanted
Guitar Solo: (D F#m) 2x (Refrão)

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