Julia Nunes

Cool Thanks

Julia Nunes

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Cool Thanks

Db F Gb Ab 
Db F Gb Ab 

Db          F         Gb 
Compliments make me uncomfortable 
Ab     Db           F        Gb 
Am I allowed to say I don't agree 
        Ab        Db            F          Gb 
Without making it seem like I'm feigning humility 
Ab Db     F   Gb   Ab 
Or deeply insecure? 

     Db      F 
I am fine, I promise 
    Gb            Ab           Db 
But I still don't know what to say 
   F         Gb        Ab          Db 
My voice is okay, yeah I lost some weight 
      F               Gb 
But I think that it's strange 
   Ab         Db       F            Gb Ab 
To comment on anything that I can't change 

Db F Gb Ab 
Db F Gb Ab 
Db F Gb Ab 
Db F Gb Ab 

Db          F 
Manners are lost on me 
  Gb        Ab         Db           F       Gb 
I find it exhaustingly pointless to be so polite 
    Ab          Db 
I'd rather just fight 
       F           Gb 
Get it out of your system 
   Ab          Db 
So we can move on 
      F           Gb Ab 
I can take it I'm strong 

Db F Gb Ab 
Db F Gb Ab 
Db F Gb Ab 
Db F Gb Ab 

Db            F 
Birthdays are bogus 
     Gb       Ab 
Yeah I hardly notice 
Db           F           Gb 
Another year comes to an end 
  Ab            Db             F        Gb      Ab 
I don't know my friends and my family's only my mother's 
Db          F          Gb         Ab    Db 
She lets me know about all of the others 

        F       Gb             Ab          Db 
And I'm sorry I don't know the days of the week 
    F              Gb          Ab          Db 
Let alone when you came to the world so to speak 
   F        Gb         Ab        Db       F        Gb        Ab 
My truth, I care about you, just not on a day I'm especially s'posed to 

Db F Gb Ab 
Db F Gb Ab 
Db F Gb Ab 
Db F Gb Ab 
Db F Gb Ab 
Db F Gb Ab 
Db F Gb Ab 
Db F Gb Ab Db 

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