Jason Upton

When It Thunders

Jason Upton

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When It Thunders

	  		Intro G  Bm  C  D   
        G  Bm  C  D   

Am            G         F                 Em 
Baby look up there's our star in the middle of the sky 
          D     G                    D 
Shining where we are to comfort you and I 
Am            Am/G         F                 Em 
While I hold you in the dark I hope you see the light 
                 D     G                    D 
And the passion of my heart in this simple lullaby 

G Bm Daddy don't sleep daddy don't slumber C G I don't wonder when it thunders D If I'm safe in daddy's arms
Ponte G Bm C D G Bm C D Am G F Em Daddy look up there's our star I hear you say to me D G D Something deep inside says I never want to leave Am G F Em So I need for you to know whenever I go D G D God is in control and you are in His arms

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