Jason Isbell

Hudson Commodore

Jason Isbell

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Hudson Commodore

	  		Intro: G    C    G (2x) 

G                C                  G  
Time between the glory days and the golden years 
C                           G  
She did the work of 20 able men 
Sent tommy off to school to an engineer 
    D                             G 
And Sarah went to try out all the sins 

G                  C              G 
She took to taking tea out in the Belvedere 
C                              G 
Bourbon in the evenings by the fire 
As if the Great Depression never made it here 
   D                       G 
As if she had defeated her desire 

Em G She just wanted to ride in a Delahaye 135 Em G She just wanted to ride in a Hudson Commodore D C G No need to worry anymore
G C G A doctor then a lawyer then a Roosevelt C G Tried to take her underneath their wing D She was in her 20's in the Bible Belt D G Before she knew she didn't need a thing G C G She didn't need their pity on a single girl C G She didn't need their help to raise the brew D She wouldn't be returning to her daddies world D G She didn't want a better attitude Chorus Chorus

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