Jason Isbell


Jason Isbell

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Key:  Em More
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Capo IV 

Chords (relative to capo): 

    Em7  G6  A7sus  Cadd9  Dsus2  Dsus2/F# 

(Please don't tell my college music professors if I got any of those chord name wrong.) 

It sounds like he is doing some hammer-ons with the A string on the Em7 and the  
low E string on the G6  Listen to the record for the timing. Let me know if I got anything wrong. 

Em7 G6 A7sus 

verse 1: 
         Em7           G6          A7sus 
She said Andy you're better than your past, 
Em7              G6          A7sus 
winked at me and drained her glass, 
      Em7           G6             A7sus          Em7    G6   A7sus     
cross-legged on the barstool, like nobody sits anymore. 

         Em7         G6        A7sus 
She said Andy you're taking me home, 
      Em7      G6                A7sus 
but I knew she planned to sleep alone. 
    Em7          G6      A7sus                      Em7    G6   A7sus  
I'd carry her to bed and sweep up the hair from the floor 

Cadd9 Dsus2 If I had fucked her before she got sick G6 Dsus/F# Em7 I'd never hear the end of it Cadd9 Dsus Em7 she don't have the spirit for that now Cadd9 Dsus2 We drink these drinks and laugh out loud, G6 Dsus/F# Em7 bitch about the weekend crowd, Cadd9 Dsus Em7 G6 A7sus and try to ignore the elephant somehow Em7 G6 A7sus somehow
Verse: She said Andy you crack me up, Seagrams in a coffee cup, sharecropper eyes and her hair almost all gone. When she was drunk she made cancer jokes, she made up her own doctor's notes, surrounded by her family, I saw that she was dying alone. Chorus: I'd sing her classic country songs and she'd get high and sing along. She don't have much voice to sing with now We'd burn these joints in effegy, cry about what we used to be, and try to ignore the elephant somehow. Somehow Chorus: I buried her a thousand times, giving up my place in line, but I don't give a damn about that now There's one thing that's real clear to me, no one dies with dignity. We just try to ignore the elephant somehow. We just try to ignore the elephant somehow. We just try to ignore the elephant somehow. Somehow. Somehow.

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