Jason Derulo


Jason Derulo

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Intro/Verse NOTE: A bass guitar playing a E-Ab-A-A progression in a 3-5 pattern sounds good overlaid with this E E/A e|----0--------0-------2-------------0-----0------2------------------| B|------0--------0-------0-------------0-----0------0----------------| G|--------1--------1---------- x2 -----1-----1------- x2 ------| D|-------------------------------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------0-----0------0------------------| E|----0--------0-------0---------------------------------------------| Pre-Chorus NOTE: I like to use the powerchord-like A's for this, but the standard A works fine too Dbm A e|-------------------------------------------------------------------| B|------5----------5---------5---------------------------------------| G|-----------6----------6------6-------6----------6---------6--------| D|--------6----6-----6----6------6-----------7---------7------7------| A|------4----4-----4----4----4-----------7-----7----7----7------7----| E|-------------------------------------5-----5----5----5----5--------| Dbm A e|-------------------------------------------------------------------| B|------5----------5---------5---------------------------------------| G|-----------6----------6------6-------6-----------------------------| D|--------6----6-----6----6------6-----7- (hold) ------------------| A|------4----4-----4----4----4---------7-----------------------------| E|-------------------------------------5-----------------------------| Chorus: E E/A Dbm B e|------0---------------0--------------4-----4----4------------------| B|------0---------------0--------------5-----4----5------4-----------| G|------1--(strum)------1--(strum)-----6-x6--6-x3-6-x3---4--(strum)--| D|------2---------------2--------------6-----6----6------4-----------| A|------2-------------0-0--------------4-----4----4------1-----------| E|---0--0------------------------------------------------------------| Bridge: Dbm A e|-------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--5-----5-------5-----5--------------------------------------------| G|----6-----6---6---6-----6------6-----6-------6-----6---------------| D|------6-----6-------6-----6------7-----7---7---7-----7---7---------| A|--4-------------4------------------7-----7-------7-----7-----------| E|-------------------------------5-------------5---------------------| Dbm B e|-------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--5-----5-------5-----5---------4----------------------------------| G|----6-----6---6---6-----6-------4--(hold)--------------------------| D|------6-----6-------6-----6----------------------------------------| A|--4-------------4---------------2----------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse: E Who's more desperate? You're on your knees boo E/A E But when you fuck up, I don't leave you E/A I can't leave you E Guess you're permanent, can't be removed E/A E Each time my heart breaks, it's like a new tattoo E/A Don't need a new tattoo PreChorus: Dbm One touch always makes me A Too hard to escape Dbm Three strikes, I'm still yours A What am I waiting for?
E I'm running out of room E/A For your tattoos Dbm How can I get over you, over you B When you're all over me E So don't tell me it's cool E/A That I'm tattooed Dbm How can I get over you, over you B When you're all over me, yeah yeah
Why do we stay When only fools would? I guess we're both fools 'Cause the sex is good, it's way too good Call us crazy, misunderstood 'Cause I can't leave you And I know I should People say I should One touch always makes me Too hard to escape Three strikes, I'm still yours What am I waiting for? I'm running out of room For your tattoos How can I get over you, over you When you're all over me So don't tell me it's cool That I'm tattooed How can I get over you, over you When you're all over me, yeah yeah Bridge: Dbm Permanently trying to hide A The scars we can't remove Dbm B You're drawn on me and I'm still drawn to you I'm running out of room For your tattoos How can I get over you, over you When you're all over me So don't tell me it's cool That I'm tattooed How can I get over you, over you When you're all over me

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