Space Cowboy


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Space Cowboy

Year: 2006 - Album: High Times: Singles 1992-2006

	  		Intro:   Ebm9 Fm7 Bbm7 
Verse:   Dbmaj9  Cm7(11)  Bmaj7  Gb6(9) Ab(11) 
         Dbmaj7  Cm7(11)  Bmaj7  Gbsus4(9) Absus4(9) 
         Dbm9    Bmaj9   Absus4(9) 

Chorus:  Ebm9 Fm7 Bbm7 

Transcribed by Sampo Vesa  

Space Cowboy  Jamiroquai (Lyrics) 

Everything is good 
and brown 
Oh I'm here again 
With a sunshine smile upon my face 
My friends 
Are close at hand 
And all my inhibitions 
Have disappeared without a trace 
I'm glad 
I found 
Somebody who I can rely on 
This is the return 
of the space cowboy 
Good vibe zone 
At the speed of Cheeba 
We'll go deeper 
Maybe I'll have to get high 
Just to get by. 
Everything is good 
And green 
Oh, I'm red again 
And I don't suppose I'm coming down 
I can see clearly, 
So high in the sky 
A man with psychedelic picture frames 
Of happiness to shade 
his eyes 
He's glad 
That he found 
Somebody who 
he can rely on.  


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