Light Years Chords


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by Athenacut

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Light Years

  		I'm not 100% sure about the last chord. 

Chorus: Em7 / A9 / D9 / Bm7 / Dm7/b5 
        Now I've got that sunshine in my life.... 


You can be light years 
Away fom a serious intention 
See I thought I'd change it all 
I'd get to turn mankind this day 
If you don't know you can be light years 
Away from your true destination 
Until I get with good vibration 
I'm never gonna get to use this earthly power 
But I'm gonna jump back 
Stand back and use that earthly power 

Now I got that sunshine in my life 
Light years half a million miles from what you wanna be 
Did you ever hear about the man who tried to be 
Truly free truly free 
You know what I mean 
Light years will stand between the laws of principle 
And now we think we are invincible 
But without true power it's unthinkable 

Light years away from the colour of our brotherhood 
Light years away from our duty to assistance 

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