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Jamie Woon

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F#m E Aadd11 F#m e|------------2---0-------0----------0--------------0---------2----| B|------------2---0---1/2---2-0------2/3/2---2b-1/2---2-0-----2----| G|--------2---2---1-------------2----2---------------------2--2----| D|----2/4-----4---2---------------4--0------------------------4----| A|------------4---2-------------------------------------------4----| E|------------2---0-------------------------------------------2----|
F#m E Aadd11 Money is time, time is a currency F#m E Aadd11 You and I both know who you're spending yours on F#m E Aadd11 You were the one, you cried for infinity F#m But you can't have it all E Aadd11 No... No you can't have it all E G Do I choose to be weighed down by gravity Aadd11 With these thoughts that I own E G Oh, I don't like this feeling of jealousy Aadd11 It's not what I want ...and so on.

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