James Taylor

Today Today Today

James Taylor

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Today Today Today

Capo on 2nd fret


D  Asus4 - A 
D  C  G  F 
D  A  D 

Verso 1: 

Today, today, today 
                  Asus4 - A 
I?m finally on my way 
     D        C       G  F 
The time has come to say 
D           A        D 
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye 

Verso 2: 

The bird is on the wing 
                     Asus4 - A 
The bell is about to ring 
     D               C       G   F 
The big girl she?s about to sing 
D        A      D 
Today, today, today 


      A        F#m7  D   E 
The world will open wide 
           A    F#m7     C#m  C 
And I?m running with the tide 
      G      Em        Bm  A# 
It?s time to cut this side 
       F        Dm      Am  A 
And I must not miss my ride 


D  Asus4 - A 
D  C  G  F 
D  A  D 

Bridge 2: 

   A       F#m7    D   E 
Somehow I haven?t died 
       A       F#m7  C#m   C 
And I feel the same inside 
    G       Em         Bm  A# 
As when I caught this ride 
       F      Dm      Am   A 
When first I sold my pride 

Verso 3: 

The way ahead is clear 
                      Asus4 - A 
My heart is free from fear 
       D       C          G   F 
I?ll plant my flag right here 
D        A      D 
Today, today, today 

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