James Morrison

The letter

James Morrison

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The letter

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Tuning: Standard Instrument Riff: |-7-8-10--7-8-10--7-8p7----| |-----------------------8--| |--------------------------| |--------------------------| |--------------------------| |--------------------------| (x2)
Intro Chords: Em D G Em D A Verse: Em D It's got my name on it G C Em And it's just waiting there for me D A I feel the cold run through my veins Em D And it's got her shame on it G C Em She couldn't say it to my face D A But I won't waste time placing blame
C G I know I'll move on B Em D I tell myself I'll find me something better C G B I'll let go and just forget her C G She was no good for me B Em D Deep down I know that's the way it has to be so C G B How come I still can't open this letter?
Em D G I can't forget her Em D A Really wish I could Verse 2: Em D There must be a name for it G C Em Whatever this is you've done to me D A I'm all twisted up inside Em D Well who's gonna pay for it? G C Em If it's not you I guess it's me D You left me with your life A And took mine {Chorus} C G D I can't forget her C G D Really wish I could C G B Em D C G Really wish I could B Oh yeah {Chorus} Outro: Em D It's got my name on it G C And it's just waiting there for me

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