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Jackson Five

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by DannielDF

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  		F                      C7/E 
Ben the two of us need look no more, 
F                           C7/E 
We both found what we were looking for 
F                        A7/4 
With a friend to call my own 
A7/C#          Eb11+ 
I'll never be alone  
     D7                Gm7/5-/C#   
and you my friend will see 
C7                     F     
You've got a friend in me. 

Bb/F  F   

F                          C7/E 
Ben, you're always running here and there 
F                          C7/E 
You feel you're not wanted anywhere 
F                 A7/4 
If you ever look behind 
    A7/C#               Eb11+ 
And don't like what you find 
           D7                Gm7/5-/C# 
there's something you should know  
       C7              F 
You've got a place to go. 

Bb/F   F    

Gm        Gm7  C7    F7+   
I used to say, I and me 
F6    Gm Gm7  C7      F 
Now it's us, now it's we. 
  Gm      Gm7  C7   F7+   
I used to say, I and me  
F6  Gm  Gm7  C7       F 
Now it's us, now it's we. 

F                           C7/E 
Ben, most people would turn you away 
F                   C7/E 
I don't listen to a word they say 
F                     C7/E  
They don't see you as I do 
I wish they would try to 
     D7               Gm7/5- 
I'm sure they'd think again 
        C7                 F 
If they had a friend like Ben 
(Gm7/F  F) 
Like Ben 
Like Ben. 

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