Jacco Gardner


Jacco Gardner

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	  		Jacco Gardner - Lullaby 
song:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfyErLvkKnI 



C A7 2x 

verse 1 
C           A7 
I will bury you 
C                 A7 
Were the sun goes down 
C               A7 
Deep within the night 
C                    A7 
Sleep when stars are bright 

Instrumental PART 
Dm  Am 
Dm  Am 

G C Am A#m F A#m A-B5 (see below for finger placement) 

verse 2 
C                 A7 
See when eyes are closed 
C              A7 
Comes a velvet light 
C               A7 
Slowly tumbling down 
C                    A7 
Dreams will hold you tight 

- play Instrumental part - 

verse 3 
C               A7 
Sitting by your side 
C           A7 
Weaving melodies 
C            A7 
Singing lullabies 
C              A7 
Stop to let me be 

- play Instrumental part -  


play the outro in A, alternating with A-b5  


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