Iron & Wine

Our Light Miles

Iron & Wine

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Our Light Miles

B              F#   E 
What will become of us? 
B               F#           G#m        E 
Tall trees blow there in the bone white snow 
B             F#      C#m 
Nothing but night for songs 
B               F#          G#m          E 
Old miles still sucking the warm milk of summer 

B  F#  G#m  E 

B                F#    E 
Love in this breath so long 
B               F#          G#m         E 
Thrown against stone, we're hard to get happy 
B              F#   E 
What will become of us? 
B               F#       G#m                E 
All water knows leaving, hearts bleed their changing 

Amaj7 E B F# G#m Lightning's alive 'cause it disappe - ears Amaj7 E B F# E Feel every tear as it falls away B F# E B F# C#m Falls away, falls away B F# E No one looks wrong in rain B F# G#m E Hope builds a house, too much prayer to tear down B F# E Cloud comes our way, so white B F# G#m E Over the hill must be light miles of promise
Instrumental Amaj7 E Outro B F# E Amaj7 E B What will become of us?

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