I'm Not Ashamed


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I'm Not Ashamed

Year: 2007 - Album: Saviour King

Written by Paul Andrew/Dylan Thomas

C9  G  D (6x)    
Em  G  C  Am (4x)    

Verse 1:    
Em  G    C      Am     
    When You found me    
Em  G    C       Am       
    My whole world changed    
Em  G     C      Am  Em  G  C  Am    
    I'm redeemed by life     

Verse 2:    
Em  G      C   Am    
    Let the earth see    
Em  G       C   Am    
    You are freedom    
Em  G       C    Am       Em  G  C  Am    
    Turn my darkness to light    

Pre: C G You welcomed me in D C With open arms G D Into unending life
G D I'm not ashamed of the gospel Lord Em C Your power, your Love has saved my soul now G D Em I'm alive in You C I'm live in the risen son.
Ending: Em G C Am I live in the risen son.

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