Great Is The Lord


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Great Is The Lord

 A           D              E         A 
Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise, 
    D           E              F#m 
The city of our God, the holy place, 
     A                Bm    Esus E 
The joy of the whole earth. 

 A           D                E           A 
Great is the Lord in whom we have the victory 
   D         E          F#m 
He aids us against the enemy. 
   A                Bm    Esus E 
We bow down on our knees. 

     A                                C#m 
And Lord we want to lift Your Name on high, 
     D                    A/C# 
And Lord we want to thank you 
         Bm                  Esus      E 
for the works You've done in our lives. 
     A                              C#m 
And Lord we trust in Your unfailing love; 
    D             A/C# 
For you alone are God eternal, 
 Bm                  Esus  E  A 
Throughout earth and heaven above. 

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