Hello Saferide

The Crawler

Hello Saferide

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The Crawler

Am                     Dm              Am 
Andrea and me, we went swimming last Monday 
Dm            Am               E    Am 
Swimming last Monday in a community pool 
Am                      Dm          Am 
I refused to remove my suit in the shower 
            Dm             Am      E           Am      
Scared that someone might see the scars on my soul 
           Dm            Am 
That this autumn left on me 

Am                              Dm        Am 
A community swimming pool, it's like a society 
       Dm              Am                 E            Am 
Twenty people swimming in a line, making room for everyone 
         Dm           Am 
We work hard to get along 

         Dm                     Am 
And then he comes along, the crawler 
                Dm                Am 
He doesn't see anyone else, the crawler 
                    Dm                         Am       E 
He jumps in in the middle lane and waves his crawling arms 

Am Dm Am E Visibly damaging the swimming quality for everyone else Am Dm The crawler believes because he knows crawling Am E He gets to crawl over everyone else Am Dm "People who breaststroke and can't keep up Am E They should start crawling themselves" Am So says the crawler
Verse Am Dm Am Andrea and me, we swam after each other Dm Am E Am After each other in the community pool Am Dm Am I'm not good at talking while exercising Dm Am E Am If you say something funny, Andrea, I'll drown Dm Am My arms in the water get number and number Dm Am For every second here I grow stronger Dm Am Dm E We're in a line, twenty people, we try to get along E Am I love how we get along Bridge Dm Am But the crawler keeps crawling, forcing the water Dm Am Building forts of waves that hit our faces Dm Am Us twenty, we gather around the crawler Dm E We push his face under water E And we wait Am E Am We wait for the waves to slow down x6

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