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Green Day

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by nacholabal

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Year: 1992 - Album: Kerplunk

	  VERSE 1: 
My mental stability reaches it's bitter end 
And all my senses are coming unglued 
Is there any cure for this disease, someone called love 
Not as long as there are girls like you 
(Pickscrape Low e) 
D A D A 
Everything she does questions my mental health 
D A D A 
It makes me lose control, I wanna hurt myself 
G C D A If anyone can hear me slap some sense in me C G D (But you turn your head) and I end up talking to myself G C D A Anxiety has got me strung out and frustrated C G A (So I lose my head) or I bang it up against the wall
VERSE 2: D A C G Sometimes i wonder if I should be left alone D A C G Lock myself up in a padded room D A C G I'd sit and spew my guts ot into the open air D A C G Cause no one wants to hear a drunken fool (INTERLUDE) (Chorus) BRIDGE: D C G C/G I do not mind if this goes on D C G C/G Cause now it seems I'm too far gone D C A G I must admit that I enjoy myself D C G D A C G 80 please keep taking me away SOLO: Too hard to TAB. Sorry. (INTERLUDE) (Chorus) Repeat VERSE riff until End

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