Glenn Frey

Ive Got Mine

Glenn Frey

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Ive Got Mine

	  		Intro: Am F Dm Am 

verse 1 
Am                                 Dm 
Someone's sitting on the sidewalk, As the winter sun goes down 
G                                  Am 
Someone's drinking cold champagne, In another part of town 
Am                                  Dm 
And the only thing he thinks about, As he sips his glass of wine 
G                                         Am 
"It sure feels good sitting here tonight, Now that I've got mine" 

Am F I've got mine, I've got mine Dm Am This isn't such a bitter world, Cause I've got mine
verse 2 Am Dm Someone's wandering the streets tonight, No way to warm his hands G Am Someone's turning up their fireplace, Making travel plans Am Dm His mind is on some sandy beach, Where the sun is gonna shine G Am He thinks, "I don't have to hang around, Now that I've got mine" Bridge Dm Am You see them in their limousines, You see the way they stare Dm E G But they don't see us looking back, Because they don't really care
Am F They say, "I've got mine, I've got mine Dm Am The world is as it's meant to be, Cause I've got mine"
Instrumental: Am F Dm Am verse 3 Am Dm So I make a small donation, What more can I do? G Am You know I didn't make this world, I'm in it just like you Am Dm I've worked all my life on this house of cards, To keep it all in line G Am I can't take care of everyone, Now that I've got mine Am Dm There's another kind of poverty, That only rich men know G Am A moral malnutrition, That starves their very souls Am Dm And they can't be saved by money, They're all running out of time G Am And all the while they're thinking, "It's okay, cause I've got mine"
Am F I've got mine, I've got mine Dm Am I don't want a thing to change, Cause I've got mine Am F Dm Am I've got mine, I've got mine
Ending: G Am

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