Glen Phillips

Rise Up Chords

Glen Phillips

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by robepoiel

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Rise Up

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Dm Am A Bb Dm
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Riff e|-1-0-3---1-0------1-0--3----1--0-------------------------------------------------------| B|-3-------3-----1--3---------------3--1-------------------------------------------------| G|-2-------2--------2--------------------2-0---------------------------------------------| D|0-------0--------0-------------------------3--2--0-------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse Dm We seek an end to the questions Am A ladder to the sky A Bb Dm a children's dream where we never die Dm There is a fog through the canyon Am a vapor in the keep A Bb Dm lulling us gently into sleep
F Gsus4 And we will not wake ever Bb Unless we rise up early Am Dm Rise up early
Verse Dm They cast your brother as a demon Am your lover as a whore A Bb Dm all manner of lies justify our wars Dm They sell the water in the well now Am the stars in the sky A Bb Dm there's nothing so sacred that we won't buy
F Gsus4 And it will not change ever Bb Unless we rise up early Am Bb Rise up early
Bridge Bb Am Rise up Am Bb Rise up Bb C Rise up Outro Dm There is a silince in the bedroom Am A rustle in the hall A Bb Dm in the shadow of a love that became a wall F Gsus4 and it will not fall ever

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