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Take A Bow Chords

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Difficulty: EasyEasy

by iagovillareal

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Take A Bow


D A Bm  
    ohh How about  
  G          D  
a round of applause  
A     Bm  
 G        D     A  
Standing ovation  
Bm      G  
Ooh wooh yeah  
     D    A    C  
Yeah yeah yeah yeah  

(verse 1)  
D          A             Bm  G  
  You look so dumb right now  
D          A          Bm   G  
  Standing outside my house  
D          A  
Trying to apologize  
Bm             G  
You so ugly when you cry  
D            A      C  
Please, just cut it out  

Don tell me you  
A                  Bm G  
sorry cause you not  
Baby when I know you  
     A             C  
only sorry you got caught  
D A But you put on quite a show Bm G Really had me going D A But now it time to go Bm G Curtains finally closing D A That was quite a show Bm G Very entertaining Em D/F# G But it over now G D/F# C Go on and take a bow
(verse 2) D A Bm Grab your clothes and get gone G D You better hurry up A Bm G Before the sprinklers come on D Talking about I love you A the one Bm G This just looks like the re-run D A C Please, what else is on (refrain) (Chorus) (bridge) Ooh G A And the award for the Em Bm best lie goes to you D/F# G For making me believe that A Em you could be faithful to me C Let's hear your speech D A Bm G How about a round of applause D A C Standing ovation (Chorus)

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