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	  		Intro:  G  D  Am7  Am7  

        G    D             Am7        Am7 
Verse:   I know, that it's over
        G       D                     Am7    Am7 
         But I can't believe we're through
        G      D                  Am7    Am7 
	 They say that time's a healer
        G         D              Am7    Am7 
         And I'm better without you	
Bridge:                   G        D 
    	 It's gonna take time, I know
	 But I'll get over you
                     G                 D 
         Look at my life, look at my heart
                  Am7            Am7 
	 I have seen them fall apart
                   G  D          Am7   Am7 
	 Now I'm ready to rise again
                     G                  D
	 Look at my hopes, look at my dreams
                    Am7                Am7 
	 Building bridges from these scenes
                  G   D         Am7    Am7 
	 Now I'm ready to rise again
	 Caught up in my thinkin'
	 Like a prisoner in my mind
	 You pose so many questions
         But the truth was hard to find
	 I better think twice, I know
	 That I'll get over you
	 Much time has passed between us
	 do you still think of me at all
	 My world of broken promises
	 Now you won't catch me when I fall
	 It's gonna take time, I know
	 But I'll get over you   


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