Gabe Bondoc

Thinking About You

Gabe Bondoc

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Thinking About You

Capo on 4th fret

    Abm7                               Fm7      
A tornado came around my room before you came in  
      Gm7             Cm7 
It usually don't rain  
         Abm7                    Gm7   
In Southern California much like Arizona 
  F#m7     Fm7 
My eyes don't shed tears but boy they ball 


        Abm7                            Fm7       
When I'm thinkin bout you ooh no no no  
            Gm7                       Cm7 
I've been thinkin bout you you know know know  
   Abm7                            Fm7     
I've been thinkin bout you 
 Gm7                       Cm7   
Do you think about me still do ya do ya  

Abm7 Eb add9 Bb Cm7 Or do you not think so far ahead? Abm7 Eb add9 Bb Cm7 Cuz I've been thinkin bout forever oooh

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