Gabe Bondoc

Better Yet

Gabe Bondoc

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Better Yet

Capo on 1 

Intro: Cadd9  Dadd9 Bm7 Emadd9 

Cadd9                   Dadd9 
I couldn?t be more obvious 
             Bm7            Emadd9 
about the way I feel tonight 
   Cadd9                 Dadd9 
And I couldn?t want much more than us 
              Bm7           Emadd9 
that?s the way I feel inside 
Cadd9                      Dadd9 
You, you?ve been holding back and I?d 
                  Bm7       Emadd9 
love to find out why, oh why 
Cadd9                Dadd9 
We, we could move so perfectly 
          B7                  Emadd9 Cadd9 Dadd9 G 
just come out with me, let?s try 
G Can I have one chance? Cadd9 Better yet, I want one dance Emadd9 Cm7 Can I see what you are like when the lights go out (tonight)? (Do Chorus Twice)
(Repeat Intro) Cadd9 Dadd9 You say you?re not the dancing type Bm7 Emadd9 Baby, nor am I, it?s fine Cadd9 Baby don?t be nervous, it?s cool, we?ll keep it natural Dadd9 No need to impress me, already think you?re wonderful Bm7 Emadd9 I can see myself with you for a long, long time (Repeat Chorus) Bridge Am7 Let?s get moving baby, we?ll cut loose Bm7 Em7 Let this music show us what to do Am7 Bm7 E7 And if you take my hand while we?re dancing, well, that?s alright, alright Am7 I?ve been waiting for this moment so long Bm7 Em7 All I want?s for you to feel at home Cm7 With me, With me (Repeat Chorus) Cadd9 Can I have one chance? Dadd9 Better yet, I want one dance Cadd9 Emadd9 Cm7 Can I see what you are like when the lights go out?

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