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Spring Is Here Chords

Frank Sinatra

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by renejunior

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Spring Is Here

  		verse 1 
D                             E 
Once there was a thing called spring 
         A                                       D 
When the world was writing verses like yours and mine. 

verse 2 
D                            E 
All the lads and girls would sing 
      A                       D 
As we set a little tables and drank May wine. Mmm. 

  Now April May and June 
  Are sadly out of tune 
A                  E 
Life has stuck the pin in the balloon. 

Chorus D Spring is here! Why doesn't my heart go dancing? E Spring is here! Why isn't the waltz entrancing? D E D No desire, no ambition leads me, A Maybe it's because nobody needs me.
Outro D Spring is here I hear.

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