First Aid Kit

To Live A Life

First Aid Kit

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To Live A Life

Capo on 6th fret

Riff in intro and between verses 
  C                       Em                        F                         C            G 
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e|-----------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------|--------------------------| B|-----------1-----------|-----------0-----------1-|-----------1-----------1-|-----------0------------3-| G|-------0---------------|-------0-----------0-----|-------2-----------2-----|-------0-----------0------| D|-----2---2-------0-----|-----2---2-------2---2---|-----3---3-------3---3---|-----2---2-------0---0----| A|-3-----------3-------0-|-2-----------2-----------|-3-----------3-----------|-3------------------------| E|-----------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------|-------------3------------|
Intro C Em F C G verse 1 C Em I wrote you a letter to make myself feel better F C G To redeem some part of me I thought I had lost C Em And we were lost cause long before we fell apart F C G 'Cause honey, I was too eager And you were too smart C Em Yet I look for you in this empty room F C G You're a phone call away, I'm on the inner state C Em And I been drinking cheap wine just to pass the time F C G I'm falling behind and it doesn't matter C Em F C G Who you are to meee C Em F C G verse 2 C Em I'm just like my mother, we both love to run F C G Chase impossible things or unreachable dreams C Em Lie awake in the night thinking this can't be right F C G C Em F But there is no other way to live a life alone C G I'm alone now C Em F C G verse 3 C Em F C G Then suddenly we wait from the stream that we have made C Em F C G It ? you all at once and then it slowly fades C Em F C G I'm racing into nothing now, it all falls away C Em F C G I know it now from my own sake that I cannot stay C Em F C G C

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