First Aid Kit

Distant Star

First Aid Kit

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Distant Star

verse 1 

Well, a goodbye never seems finished 
                 C             G 
Just like these songs that I write 
  Em                   C 
They hang aloft like stars in the night 
      Em              C 
But there's nothing there but the illusion of a light 
      D       C             Em 
And you, you could've been mine 
Your mother, she's an actress 
          C                  G 
And we're all putting on a play 
 Em                         C 
Here's some conviction, pretend that's all real 
  Em               C 
Try to ignore how sad it all feels 
       D          C                     Em 
Yes, try not to break her heart if you can 

C Hold o-o-o-n Em To whatever you can until it's gone C Carry o-o-o-n D C G For none of us will be here for too lo-o-o-ng
verse 2 G C G I'll try not to let the world and its darkness bring me down Em C Think of the love and the beauty I found Em C The simple things that I've left behind D C Em Oh the way he make me laugh
C But I hold o-o-o-n Em To whatever I can until it's gone C I'll Carry o-o-o-n D C D C G For none of us will be here for too lo-ong lo-o-o-ng
Bridge: E F E F E F E We are a distant star F E But darling, you're so far away F E You were never meant to stay F E I reach out to see F E If you're still here with me F C Baby, we could've made it easy G Couldn't we? Outro G Now I will never know you C G You are just someone passing by Em C And it makes me sad to think about Em C All the stories and fates I'll be without D But I think I'm getting used to the silence now

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